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Holiday TV Guide 2014


Updated December 18th


Thursday, December 18

12:00AMDebbie Macomber's Trading ChristmasHallmark
12:00AMChristmas CupidABC Family
1:00AMMr. St. NickHallmark Movies
2:00AMOnce Upon a ChristmasHallmark
3:00AMMitch Albom's Have a Little FaithHallmark Movies
4:00AMTwice Upon a ChristmasHallmark
5:00AMA Grandpa for ChristmasHallmark Movies
5:10AMLost ChristmasShowtime Beyond
6:00AMChristmas SongHallmark
7:00AMThe Ultimate GiftHallmark Movies
7:00AMChristmas CupidABC Family
8:00AMA Christmas Wedding TailHallmark
9:00AMUnlikely AngelABC Family
9:30AMThe Ultimate LifeHallmark Movies
9:45AMHow the Toys Saved ChristmasHDNET Movies
10:00AMHome & FamilyHallmark
11:00AM12 Dates of ChristmasABC Family
12:00PMHome & FamilyHallmark
12:00PMThe Christmas CardHallmark Movies
12:50PMA Christmas MemoryEncore Family
1:00PMHoliday in HandcuffsABC Family
2:00PMThree Wise WomenHallmark
2:00PMWhat I Did for LoveHallmark Movies
3:00PMPrancerABC Family
4:00PMDebbie Macomber's Trading ChristmasHallmark
4:00PMA Christmas WishHallmark Movies
5:00PMMickey's Once Upon a ChristmasABC Family
5:15PMWhite ChristmasAMC
6:00PMA Princess for ChristmasHallmark
6:30PMThe Ultimate GiftHallmark Movies
6:30PM The Santa Clause  ABC Family
7:00PMA Christmas MemoryEncore Family
8:00PMBeethoven's Christmas AdventureDisney
8:00PMBest Christmas Party EverHallmark
8:00PMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
8:00PM A Christmas Carol (1938)  TCM
8:30PMIt Happened on Fifth AvenueHallmark Movies
8:30PMFred ClausABC Family
9:15PM Scrooge (1970)  TCM
10:00PMChristmas in ConwayHallmark
10:15PMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
11:00PMA Christmas VisitorHallmark Movies
11:15PMScrooge (1935) TCM

Friday, December 19

12:00AMThe Good Witch's WifeHallmark
12:00AMHoliday in HandcuffsABC Family
12:30AMHoliday InnAMC
12:45AMA Carol for Another ChristmasTCM
1:00AMMistletoe Over ManhattanHallmark Movies
2:00AMChristmas SongHallmark
2:15AMBeyond TomorrowTCM
3:00AMGift of the MagiHallmark Movies
4:00AMNaughty or Nice (2012)Hallmark
5:00AMThe Christmas HeartHallmark Movies
6:00AMThree Wise WomenHallmark
7:00AMWhat I Did for LoveHallmark Movies
7:00AMDesperately Seeking SantaABC Family
7:00AMPeriod of AdjustmentTCM
8:00AMA Princess for ChristmasHallmark
9:00AMA Christmas VisitorHallmark Movies
9:00AMUnaccompanied MinorsABC Family
10:00AMHome & FamilyHallmark
10:15AMHoliday InnAMC
11:00AMGift of the MagiHallmark Movies
11:30AMPrancerABC Family
11:45AMLost ChristmasShowtime
12:00PMHome & FamilyHallmark
12:30PMThe Best Man HolidayHBO Signature
1:00PMA Christmas Story 2CMT
1:00PMMs. ScroogeHallmark Movies
1:30PMJack Frost (1998)ABC Family
2:00PMThe Good Witch's GiftHallmark
3:00PMThe Christmas HeartHallmark Movies
3:30PMFred ClausABC Family
4:00PMAngels and OrnamentsHallmark
5:00PMThe Ultimate Christmas PresentDisney XD
5:00PMThe Hollywood Christmas Parade (2014)Hallmark Movies
6:00PMHitched for the HolidaysHallmark
6:00PMHome AloneABC Family
7:00PMMistletoe Over ManhattanHallmark Movies
8:00PMMr. Magoo's Christmas CarolCW
8:00PMNaughty or Nice (2012)Hallmark
8:00PM Elf  ABC Family
8:15PMTim Burton's The Nightmare Before ChristmasHDNET Movies
9:00PMA Home for the HolidaysCBS
9:00PMThe Best Man HolidayHBO Signature
9:00PMThe Christmas SecretHallmark Movies
10:00PMThe Christmas ParadeHallmark
10:00PMNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  ABC Family
11:00PMA Town Without ChristmasHallmark Movies
11:15PMTim Burton's The Nightmare Before ChristmasHDNET Movies

Saturday, December 20

12:00AMA Very Merry Mix-UpHallmark
12:00AMA Christmas Carol (1999)TNT
12:00AMScroogedABC Family
1:00AMThe Christmas BlessingHallmark Movies
2:00AMThe Good Witch's GiftHallmark
3:00AMCancel ChristmasHallmark Movies
3:30AMAn All Dogs Christmas CarolDiscovery Family
4:00AMHitched for the HolidaysHallmark
5:00AMMs. ScroogeHallmark Movies
6:00AMOne Starry ChristmasHallmark
6:20AMLost ChristmasShowtime
6:45AMAlone for ChristmasThe Movie Channel
7:00AMOur First ChristmasHallmark Movies
7:00AMThe Dog Who Saved Christmas VacationABC Family
8:00AMAngels and OrnamentsHallmark
8:30AMMr. ChristmasStarz Kids
9:00AMSecret of GivingHallmark Movies
9:00AMSanta Buddies: The Legend of Santa PawsABC Family
10:00AMA Very Merry Mix-UpHallmark
11:00AMA Golden ChristmasION
11:00AMNight Before the Night BeforeHallmark Movies
11:00AMThe Year Without a Santa ClausABC Family
11:30AMDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)Cartoon Network
12:00PMChristmas in ConwayHallmark
12:00PMArthur ChristmasABC Family
12:10PMTim Burton's The Nightmare Before ChristmasHDNET Movies
1:00PMA Golden Christmas 2ION
1:00PMThe Christmas Secret (2014)Hallmark Movies
2:00PMSnow BrideHallmark
2:00PMHome AloneABC Family
2:45PMChristmas is Here AgainEncore Family
3:00PMA Golden Christmas 3ION
3:00PMCancel ChristmasHallmark Movies
3:30PMAn All Dogs Christmas CarolDiscovery Family
4:00PMBest Christmas Party EverHallmark
4:00PMNational Lampoon's Christmas VacationABC Family
4:40PMMr. ChristmasStarz Kids
5:00PMIt's a Wonderful LifeUSA
5:00PMA Christmas KissION
5:00PMA Town Without ChristmasHallmark Movies
6:00PMChristmas Under WrapsHallmark
6:00PM Elf  ABC Family
7:00PMMy SantaION
7:00PMThe Christmas ShephardHallmark Movies
8:00PMChristmas in ConwayHallmark
8:00PMI Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie BrownABC
8:00PMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
8:00PMDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole ChristmasABC Family
9:00PMBack to ChristmasION
9:00PMThe Christmas BlessingHallmark Movies
9:00PM Back to Christmas  ION
9:45PMAuntie MameTCM
10:00PMThe Christmas OrnamentHallmark
10:30PMWhite ChristmasAMC
10:30PMHome AloneABC Family
11:00PMA Perfect Christmas ListION
11:00PMNight Before the Night BeforeHallmark Movies

Sunday, December 21

12:00AMOne Starry ChristmasHallmark
1:00AMIt's a Wonderful LifeUSA
1:00AMChristmas BelleION
1:00AMOur First ChristmasHallmark Movies
1:00AMA Miser Brothers' ChristmasABC Family
1:15AMHoliday InnAMC
2:00AMA Royal ChristmasHallmark
2:00AM Santa Claus (1959)  TCM
3:00AMSecret of GivingHallmark Movies
3:45AM A Visit to Santa (1963)  TCM
4:00AMBest Christmas Party EverHallmark
5:00AMAnne Tyler's Saint MaybeHallmark Movies
6:00AMSnow BrideHallmark
7:00AMSilver BellsHallmark Movies
7:00AMSanta Buddies: The Legend of Santa PawsABC Family
8:00AMHats Off to Christmas!Hallmark
9:00AMDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole ChristmasCartoon Network
9:00AMNovember ChristmasHallmark Movies
9:00AMArthur ChristmasABC Family
10:00AMHoliday InnAMC
10:00AMChristmas Under WrapsHallmark
10:30AMChristmas With the KranksFX
11:00AMChristmas TwisterION
11:00AMA Season for MiraclesHallmark Movies
11:00AMRichie Rich's Christmas WishABC Family
11:20AMLost ChristmasShowtime Beyond
12:00PMThe Christmas ParadeHallmark
12:15AMWhite ChristmasAMC
12:30PMI'll Be Seeing You (1944)  TCM
1:00PMAnything But ChristmasION
1:00PMA Dog Named ChristmasHallmark Movies
2:00PMChristmas at Cartwright'sHallmark
2:00PM Christmas In Connecticut  TCM
2:00PMRudolph's Shiny New YearABC Family
3:00PMA Christmas KissION
3:00PMFallen AngelHallmark Movies
3:00PM Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town  ABC Family
4:00PMDebbie Macomber's Mr. MiracleHallmark
4:00PMThe Year Without a Santa ClausABC Family
4:00PM Holiday Affair  TCM
5:00PMThe Great Christmas Last FightABC
5:00PMA Christmas Kiss IIION
5:00PMAnne Tyler's Saint MaybeHallmark Movies
5:00PMDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole ChristmasABC Family
6:00PMThe Christmas OrnamentHallmark
6:30PMThis ChristmasBET
6:55PMThe Best Man HolidayHBO Singature
7:00PM12 Wishes of ChristmasION
7:00PMSilver BellsHallmark Movies
7:30PMHome AloneABC Family
8:00PMA Saturday Night Live ChristmasNBC
8:00PMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
8:00PMA Royal ChristmasHallmark
9:00PMChristmas With the KranksLifetime
9:00PMFour ChristmasesTNT
9:00PMHoliday Road TripION
9:00PMNovember ChristmasHallmark Movies
10:00PMRare Exports: A Christmas TaleStarz Cinema
10:00PMHelp for the HolidaysHallmark
10:00PMThe Polar ExpressABC Family
10:30PMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
11:00PMBack to ChristmasION
11:00PMA Season for MiraclesHallmark Movies

Monday, December 22

12:00AMFour ChristmasesTNT
12:00AMAngels SingHallmark
1:00AMThe Nativity StoryAMC
1:00AMMy SantaION
1:00AMA Dog Named ChristmasHallmark Movies
1:02AMChristmas With the KranksLifetime
2:00AMThe Christmas ParadeHallmark
3:00AMFallen AngelHallmark Movies
4:00AMHats Off to Christmas!Hallmark
5:00AMChristmas in CanaanHallmark Movies
6:00AMSingle Santa Seeks Mrs. ClausHallmark
7:00AMChristmas Comes Homes to CanaanHallmark Movies
7:00AMRichie Rich's Christmas WishABC Family
8:00AMMeet the SantasHallmark
8:30AMJingle All the WayHBO2e
9:00AMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
9:00AMThe Christmas HeartHallmark Movies
9:00AMA Dennis the Menace ChristmasABC Family
9:55AMChristmas OrangesStarz Kids
10:00AMAlone for ChristmasTMCX
10:30AMToy Story That Time ForgotDisney
11:00AMHoliday AffairHallmark Movies
11:00AMUnlikely AngelABC Family
11:15AMMiracle on 34th StreetAMC
1:00PMAn Old Fashioned ChristmasHallmark Movies
1:00PMSnowglobeABC Family
1:45PMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
2:00PMAnnie Claus is Coming to TownHallmark
3:00PMA Grandpa for ChristmasHallmark Movies
3:00PMThe Mistle-TonesABC Family
3:30PMThis ChristmasBET
4:00PMMiracle on 34th Street (1994)AMC
4:00PMHelp for the HolidaysHallmark
5:00PMNovember ChristmasHallmark Movies
5:30PMRudolph's Shiny New YearABC Family
6:00PMChristmas MagicHallmark
6:30PMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
6:30PM Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town  ABC Family
7:00PMThe Town Christmas ForgotHallmark Movies
8:00PMChristmas OrangesStarz Kids
8:00PMA Christmas Story 2CMT
8:00PMThe Great Christmas Last FightABC
8:00PMSingle Santa Seeks Mrs. ClausHallmark
8:00PMThe Great Christmas Last FlightABC
8:00PMToy Story That Time ForgotABC Family
8:30PM The Santa Clause  ABC Family
8:45PMMiracle on 34th Street (1994)AMC
9:00PMA Christmas WishHallmark Movies
9:00PMThe Great Christmas Last FlightABC
10:00PMMeet the SantasHallmark
10:30PMToy Story That Time ForgotABC Family
11:00PMSigned, Sealed, Delivered for ChristmasHallmark Movies
11:15PMMiracle on 34th StreetAMC

Tuesday, December 23

12:00AMAll I Want for ChristmasHallmark
12:00AMRudolph and Frosty's Christmas in JulyABC Family
1:00AMOur First ChristmasHallmark Movies
1:30AMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
2:00AMLucky ChristmasHallmark
3:00AMThe Christmas HeartHallmark Movies
4:00AMChristmas MagicHallmark
4:25AMChristmas OrangesStarz Kids
5:00AMAn Old Fashioned ChristmasHallmark Movies
5:15AM Holiday (1938)  TCM
6:00AMFinding ChristmasHallmark
7:00AMMickey's Once Upon a ChristmasABC Family
7:00AMA Grandpa for ChristmasHallmark Movies
8:00AMWindow WonderlandHallmark
8:30AMChristmas CupidABC Family
9:00AMNovember ChristmasHallmark Movies
9:15AMWhite ChristmasAMC
10:30AMSanta BabyABC Family
11:00AMSigned, Sealed, Delivered for ChristmasHallmark Movies
12:00PMThe Nativity StoryAMC
12:30PMSanta Baby 2: Christmas MaybeABC Family
1:00PMA Christmas Story 2CMT
1:00PMThe Town Christmas ForgotHallmark Movies
2:00PMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
2:00PMLucky ChristmasHallmark
2:30PMHoliday in HandcuffsABC Family
3:00PMA Christmas WishHallmark Movies
4:00PMAll I Want for ChristmasHallmark
4:30PMThe Santa ClauseABC Family
4:30PMHome Alone 2: Lost in NYAMC
5:00PMOur First ChristmasHallmark Movies
5:00PM The Santa Clause  ABC Family
6:00PMA Bride for ChristmasHallmark
6:30PMToy Story That Time ForgotABC Family
7:00PMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
7:00PMNight Before the Night BeforeHallmark Movies
7:00PMHome AloneABC Family
8:00PMChristmas With the KranksFX
8:00PMGood Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!Disney
8:00PMA Boyfriend for ChristmasHallmark
8:00PMShrek the HallsABC
8:30PMToy Story That Time ForgotABC
9:00PMThe Christmas CardHallmark Movies
9:00PMThe Polar ExpressABC Family
9:30PMHome Alone 2: Lost in NYAMC
10:00PMChristmas With the KranksFX
10:00PMWindow WonderlandHallmark
11:00PMThe Wishing TreeHallmark Movies

CHRISTMAS EVE: Wednesday, December 24

12:00AMFinding ChristmasHallmark
12:00AMArthur ChristmasABC Family
12:00AMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
1:00AMThe Christmas Gift (1986)Hallmark Movies
1:30AMThe Fight Before ChristmasEncore Family
2:00AMEve's ChristmasHallmark
2:30AMWhite ChristmasAMC
3:00AMMs. ScroogeHallmark Movies
4:00AMChristmas With HollyHallmark
4:15AMA Christmas MemoryEncore Family
5:00AMNight Before the Night BeforeHallmark Movies
6:00AMLost ChristmasShowtime
6:00AMHow the Toys Saved ChristmasHDNET Movies
6:00AM Scrooge (1935)  TCM
6:00AMCatch a Christmas StarHallmark
7:00AMThe Christmas BlessingHallmark Movies
7:30AMArthur ChristmasABC Family
7:30AMBundle of JoyTCM
8:00AMThe Christmas SpiritHallmark
8:15AMLost ChristmasShowtime Beyond
9:00AMLittle Gobie & the Big Christmas AdventureHDNET Movies
9:00AMThe Christmas Gift (1986)Hallmark Movies
9:00AMDaniel Boone - "The Christmas Story"MeTV
9:30AMThe Nativity StoryAMC
9:30AMThe Great RupertTCM
10:00AMThe Christmas ParadeHallmark
10:30AMAlone for ChristmasThe Movie Channel
10:55AMChristmas Is Here AgainEncore Family
11:00AMAnything But ChristmasION
11:00AMThe Wishing TreeHallmark Movies
11:00AMSnowABC Family
11:00AMA Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas!  TCM
11:30AMMiracle on 34th Street (1947)AMC
12:00PMHow the Toys Saved ChristmasHDNET Movies
12:00PMEve's ChristmasHallmark
12:10PMA Christmas MemoryEncore Family
12:15PMIt Happened on Fifth AvenusTCM
1:00PMHoliday Road TripION
1:00PMThe Christmas CardHallmark Movies
1:00PMJack FrostABC Family
1:45PMWhite ChristmasAMC
2:00PMThis ChristmasBET
2:00PMA Bride for ChristmasHallmark
2:15PM I'll Be Seeing You (1944)  TCM
3:00PMTim Burton's The Nightmare Before ChristmasHDNET Movies
3:00PMMy SantaION
3:00PMThe Christmas Secret (2014)Hallmark Movies
3:00PMThe Polar ExpressABC Family
4:00PMA Boyfriend for ChristmasHallmark
4:00PMAdam-12 - "Christmas"MeTV
4:00PMThe Shop Around the CornerTCM
4:30PMThe Santa Clause 2AMC
4:30PMAdam-12 - "Christmas: The Yellow Dump Truck"MeTV
5:00PMChristmas BelleION
5:00PMChristmas With TuckerHallmark Movies
5:00PMHome AloneABC Family
5:10PMThe Fight Before ChristmasEncore Family
5:20PMMr. ChristmasStarz Kids
6:00PMChristmas With HollyHallmark
6:00PMMeet Me In St. LouisTCM
7:00PMChristmas Is Here AgainEncore Family
7:00PMA Christmas Carol (1951)FXM
7:00PMA Christmas MysteryION
7:00PMMs. ScroogeHallmark Movies
7:00PMM*A*S*H - "Dear Dad"MeTV
7:00PM National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  ABC Family
7:30PMA Very Larry ChristmasBET
7:30PMM*A*S*H* - "Dear Sis"MeTV
8:00PMChristmas With the KranksLifetime
8:00PMA Christmas Story 2CMT
8:00PMBlack NativityHBO
8:00PMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
8:00PMMurphy BrownEncore Classic
8:00PMMr. Magoo's Christmas CarolCW
8:00PMI Love Lucy Christmas SpecialCBS
8:00PMBest Christmas Party EverHallmark
8:00PMThe Man Who Came to DinnerTCM
8:00PMA Christmas StoryTBS
8:00PMIt's A Wonderful LifeNBC
8:00PMThe Nine Lives of ChristmasHallmark
9:00PMA Christmas CarolFXM
9:00PMA Christmas Kiss IIION
9:00PMHallmark Movie Channel's Yule LogHallmark Movies
9:00PM Elf  ABC Family
9:45PMThe Best Man HolidayHBO
10:00PMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
10:00PMA Christmas StoryTNT
10:00PMA Christmas StoryTBS
10:00PMChristmas in ConnecticutTCM
11:00PMA Christmas CarolFXM
11:00PMA Christmas KissION

CHRISTMAS DAY: Thursday, December 25  

12:00AMHallmark Movie Channel's Yule LogHallmark Movies
12:00AMScroogedABC Family
12:00AMChristmas at Cartwright'sHallmark
12:00AMA Christmas StoryTNT
12:00AMA Christmas StoryTBS
12:02AMChristmas With the KranksLifetime
12:30AMMe-TV Holiday Special - "A Dream for Christmas"MeTV
1:00AMA Christmas Carol (1951)FXM
1:00AM12 Wishes of ChristmasION
1:37AMAll-Star Non-Denominational Christmas SpecialComedy Central
2:00AMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
2:00AMCatch a Christmas StarHallmark
2:00AMA Christmas StoryTNT
2:00AMA Christmas StoryTBS
2:30AMThe Loretta Young Show - "Sister Ann's Christmas"MeTV
3:00AMHallmark Movie Channel's Yule LogHallmark Movies
4:00AMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
4:00AMAngels and OrnamentsHallmark
4:00AMA Christmas StoryTNT
4:00AMA Christmas StoryTBS
4:00AMAll Mine to GiveTCM

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

HDNET Movies
4:45AMAlone for ChristmasThe Movie Channel
5:00AMThat Girl - "Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid"MeTV
5:30AMMake Room for Daddy - "The Singing Sisters"MeTV
6:00AMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
6:00AMThe Christmas ParadeHallmark
6:00AMHallmark Movie Channel's Yule LogHallmark Movies
6:00AMPetticoat Junction - "Cannonball Christmas"MeTV
6:00AMA Christmas StoryTNT
6:00AMA Christmas StoryTBS
6:00AM3 GodfathersTCM
6:30AMThe Beverly Hillbillies - "The Christmas Present"MeTV
7:00AMThe Donna Reed Show - "A Very Merry Christmas"MeTV
7:00AMFrosty's Winter WonderlandABC Family
7:30AMMe-TV Holiday Special - "Once Upon A Starry Night"MeTV
7:30AMDebbie Macomber's Mr. MiracleHallmark
7:30AMThe Little Drummer BoyABC Family
7:30AMOne Starry ChristmasHallmark
8:00AMNestor, the Long-Eared Christmas DonkeyABC Family
8:00AMAlone for ChristmasTMCX
8:00AMTenth Avenue AngelTCM
8:00AMA Christmas StoryTNT
8:00AMA Christmas StoryTBS
8:00AMTenth Avenue AngelTCM
8:30AM'Twas the Night Before ChristmasABC Family
9:00AMOne Starry ChristmasHallmark
9:30AMJingle All the WayHBO2e
9:30AMBachelor MotherTCM
10:00AMThe Ultimate Christmas PresentDisney XD
10:00AMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
10:00AMA Christmas StoryTNT
10:00AMA Christmas StoryTBS
10:30AMAngels and OrnamentsHallmark
11:00AMHoliday AffairHallmark Movies
11:00AMDragnet - "The Christmas Story"MeTV
11:00AMA Christmas Carol (1938)  TCM
11:00AMHome AloneABC Family
12:00PMAngels SingHallmark
12:00PMA Christmas StoryTBS
12:15PMHoliday Affair  TCM
1:00PMA Star for ChristmasION
1:00PMIt Happened on Fifth AvenueHallmark Movies
1:00PMGunsmoke - "P.S. Murray Christmas"MeTV
1:00PMRudolph's Shiny New YearABC Family
1:16PMAll-Star Non-Denominational Christmas SpecialComedy Central
1:30PMThe Nine Lives of ChristmasHallmark
2:00PMBeethoven's Christmas AdventureDisney XD
2:00PMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
2:00PMBonanza - "Gabrielle"MeTV
2:00PM Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town  ABC Family
2:00PMIn the Good Old SummertimeTCM
2:00PMA Christmas StoryTNT
2:00PMA Christmas StoryTBS
3:00PMA Christmas Carol (1951)FXM
3:00PMA Christmas Wedding DateION
3:00PMBest Christmas Party EverHallmark
3:00PMThe Year Without A Santa ClausABC Family
3:30PMChristmas in ConnecticutHallmark Movies
4:00PMAdam-12 - "The Pilgrimage"MeTV
4:00PMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
4:00PMLittle WomenTCM
4:00PMA Christmas StoryTNT
4:00PMA Christmas StoryTBS
4:30PMA Very Larry ChristmasBET
4:30PMBlack NativityHBO
4:30PMA Cookie Cutter ChristmasHallmark
5:00PMA Christmas Carol (1951)FXM
5:00PMAll I Want for ChristmasION
5:00PM National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  ABC Family
6:00PMA Very Harold & Kumar ChristmasFXX
6:00PMThe Bishop's WifeHallmark Movies
6:00PMA Christmas StoryTNT
6:00PMA Christmas StoryTBS
7:00PMA Christmas Carol (1951)FXM
7:00PMBack to ChristmasION
7:00PMM*A*S*H* - "Twas the Day After Christmas"MeTV
7:00PMElfABC Family
7:30PMAn All Dogs Christmas CarolDiscovery Family
7:30PMChristmas at Cartwright'sHallmark
7:30PMM*A*S*H* - "Death Takes a Holiday"MeTV
8:00PMChristmas With the KranksLifetime
8:00PMHow Murray Saved ChristmasNBC
8:00PMDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)ABC
8:30PMHoliday AffairHallmark Movies
8:30PMDr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)ABC
8:35PMRare Exports: A Christmas TaleStarz Cinema
9:00PMElf: Buddy's Musical ChristmasNBC
9:00PMChristmas Under WrapsHallmark
9:00PMHome AloneABC Family
10:00PMA Christmas Story 2CMT
10:00PMChristmas in Connecticut  TCM
10:30PMA Royal ChristmasHallmark
10:30PMIt Happened on Fifth AvenueHallmark Movies
11:00PMA Christmas Carol (1951)FXM
11:00PMChristmas With the KranksFX


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