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REVIEW: 22 Jump Street

If you liked “21 Jump Street”,  you’ll have a hoot with the sequel. The jokes are hit and miss  and actually the funniest moments are in the closing credits which jump on the possible additions to the franchise, including “23 Jump Street Culinary School” and even “Jump Street: Retirement Home”.  You gotta  stay for the credits.

Jonah Hill and a puppy-like adorable Channing Tatum renite as undercover police partners Schmidt and Jenko, this time sent by their  boss (a scowling one-note Ice Cube) to go undercover to a local college to bust a drug ring. The 30-something year old  Schmidt & Jenko fool no one.  Stealing every scene she’s in: look out for Jillian Bell (of “Bridesmaids” fame). She’s hilarious and gets the funniest lines.

The plot is thin. And the action scenes are pretty lame, except for Hill’s duking it out with Jillian Bell. The movie really milks the bromance that  goes rocky midway through the film, thanks to Jenko bonding with a college football star and frat king, played by Wyatt Russell, the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.  There are a couple wincing moments, thanks to ill-time joke references to the late Maya Angelou.

The 2 hour running time is a half hour too long. But there’s enough of the absurd humor to keep you laughing. Hill and Tatum can easily continue their  perfect chemistry  through the endless sequel  possibilities that’ll have you howling at the end-credits.


2-and-a-half stars


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